Within these six letters is contained the entire Universe.


How so?


At its deepest, the word JFKSBY transliterates to ‘subconscious’ (υπκσβυ)

or, the deepest part of the mind.


Immediately on the surface, the six letters tabulate first to 422.





422 = 400 + 22


In the Gematria of 火の刀 (hi no katana, or the Flaming Sword), 400 equates to the Universe via the final letter of the Coptic Alphabet. 22 equates to the Great Wheel, ROTA, which is the key to understanding the extant functionality of the Universe. With the Great Key, one can instantly traverse SpaceTime and be faced with the simultaneous reflection of themselves within the entirety of beauty that is the Universe itself.


The design motif for the 422 line reflects the simplicity within the elegant and humorous aspects of existence. Ojisan Keshite, おじいさん消して, tabulates to 422, as does the Japanese Kanji for “Successive Ox”, or 牛襲; the stroke count for each respective kanji being 4 and 22.


Finally, the Hehenonomoheji is not only the most recognizable face in Japan, it is a reflection of the deep-thought-system and meditative concentration that resulted in the symbology inherent in the 422 line.










After 422, JFKSBY can also be tabulated as the more complex and intricate 893

when AIQBKR is stirred into the mixture of Flaming Sword Gematria.






893 = 800 +93


800 is the Rainbow, also 2 x 400 and therefore an expression of the Universe outside the individual and the Universe that comprises said individual.


93 simultaneously equates to Love and Will. Love in the universal sense; its closest meaning can be found in the Greek word Agape (ἀγάπη). Will relates not to the “the lust of result” i.e. that great feeling that arises upon completion of a purposeful task. Rather, Will is a desired, executable, change to one’s life experience. Crowley states: "pure will, unassuaged of purpose, DELIVERED FROM the lust of result, is every way perfect." The closest corresponding Greek word here is Thelema (θέλημα).


The symbology invoked in the 893 line is more abstract and complex, similar to the path of calculation taken to arrive at 893. This is reflected in the Japanese Kanji seen on the items themselves.


893 can be expressed as 艶雲 or Gloss Cloud. This again is due to a combination of Stroke Count and the Flaming Sword. 艶, or tsuya, has 19 strokes. 雲, or kumo, has only 12 strokes, but translates to Cloud which tabulates to 47 (BMH: Cloud, High Place, Waves, Fortress).


19 x 47 = 893


The principal guiding design motif of 893 is Damare Shikisai, 黙れ色彩, or Colorful Silence. 黙れ tabulates to 860 (Silence, ShTQS, 60+400+100+300), and the kanji originally chosen, 彩, has eleven strokes. The motivating glyph had three 彩 (totaling 33) surrounding the 黙れ, 860, resulting in the summed 893.The 色 was added for understandability, and because of the cosmic importance of the number 4.


Lastly, the Kanji for the right arm of 893 is the Kanji for light, 光, Hikari.

Emitting Light, or LUX, is the foundational principle of The Luxarium. The fact that it takes 6 strokes to write the Kanji, and the fact that Hikari has 6 Romaji letters and 3 Japanese Hiragana made up of two letters apiece (again totaling 6), are what drew me to incorporate this hexagram into the design schema. 

An entire book could, and probably will, be written about JFKSBY. Again, within those six letters are contained the ENTIRE universe; everything that has ever been, and shall ever be…

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