Specializing in Indian, Japanese, Thai, French, German, Italian, American BBQ, and Eastern Chinese cooking styles, the dishes he creates both for himself and his family are regularly posted on his Instagram feed.


Today, Chef Patrick maintains a diet unique to his body type, crafted after years of research and dietary experimentation.


At the moment, he is photographing his completed cookbook.


As a consultant, Chef Patrick helped a local non-profit establish and maintain a restaurant that provided jobs and skills training for at-risk youths. 

Chef Patrick has also earned praise as an attentive, discreet, private chef for a local NFL franchise, in addition to having spent time as a lead banquet chef for weddings with an average of 125 people. 

Chef Patrick was classically trained and graduated from the California Culinary Academy with Special Recognition in 2005. In the following years, he would work his way from cleaning the reach-in refrigerators in a small but successful restaurant in the Oakland hills, to displaying his skills as the Executive Chef of a wine bar in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, CA before serving as the Executive Chef of a 250 room hotel. 

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