P.F. Waters CEO, Founder, Chief Engineering Luxologist et al.

Luxography: The manufacturing of lux, or light.


Hello. This site shall henceforth serve as the outlet for any and all of my creations which I have named Lux: music, paintings, sculptures, stories. It is my feeling that these items, like all art, simply need to exist. You will search and yet find no implicit, explicit, nor hidden meanings in any Lux. If you simply must know, please feel free to contact me with questions as to my process or to what led me to create any piece. Also, please, enjoy yourself!


To me, Kalyanji-Mandeep is a manifestation of, and an ode to, the heaviest influence on my creative process: the music and cinematic industries of India. Through the window held open by the BBC Asian Network, I was ushered into a universe of enlivening creative possibility. The free flow of passionate expression and the perceived level of honest commitment to the artistic craft are what I admire most.


I chose the name due to the fact that a constant stream of alternating genres from within the Desi realm is an essential piece of my creative process for several avenues, including writing, drawing, sculpting, and poetics. There's just something about artistic material from any medium and locale in India that stimulates and empowers me to be my best when I create lux. A beautiful light of the mind is, to me, art and music from the subcontinent.

TheLuxarium at iCloud dot Com